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Jammed with Goodness

Who is Confate?

Preserving is a form of art, a passion for keeping what nature gives in the season to last for months to come. The founder of Confate sees preserving as a field of unlimited possibilities!

Confate is a business focused on the love for handmade preserves. Each and every product are handmade. Everything from the selection of finest fruit and vegetables to the processing, cooking and canning of the products are carefully created with recipes and methods passed on through generations.

You can find good quality preserved products in almost every supermarket but none of these comes close to handmade preserves that has been jammed with love. Our products are produced in Uvongo, Kwazulu-Natal and sold online for your convenience.

Shop from our online store and try some of our tried and trusted recipes in our blog. Share with your friends and keep the art of preserving alive.

What our Name Means

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